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Shipping Policy in United States

Store Unisex provides Free Shipping and Delivery all over United States and its territories.

However, there are certain limitations to our FREE Shipping policy in the United States (US).
If the total weight of your order exceeds the maximum FREE Shipping weight, then you will be charged a flat rate depending on the weight of the item(s) in your cart. 

Have a look at the table below to see the applicable charges.
    Weight  Shipping Cost
    0.0 lb - 4.42 lb FREE
    4.42 lb - 6.61 lb $ 50.00
    6.62 lb - 8.81 lb $ 95.00
    8.82 lb - 22.05 lb $ 200.00
    22.06 lb - 44.09 lb $ 450.00

    How to Escape the Paid Shipping Charges?

    If the total weight of the item(s) in your Cart exceeds the Free Shipping Weight, then the only way to escape the additional Shipping Charges is by placing a similar order in a lower quantity.

    That means, you can Split your entire single order into two separate orders.

    For example,

    If the total weight of your Cart is 5.51 lb and Store Unisex allows you to avail FREE shipping upto 4.41 lb. 
    Then, try to split the weight of your Cart.

    Like, 3.51 lb in First Order and then another 2.0 lb in another similar order.
    Or, like 10 sunglasses in your First Order and then another 15 sunglasses in another order.

    Shipping Policy for Rest of the World

    Free Shipping all over the World - Store Unisex

    We are providing Free Shipping in over 186 Countries and are accepting payments in 86 currencies. Look at the image below to see if your country or currency is in our list.

    Shipping and Delivery to 186 Countries

    You can use this opportunity to send anything from our online store to anywhere in the world for free.

    Estimated Time of Delivery

    Below is the table to see the Estimated Time of Delivery in United States and the Rest of the World. Our prices are the most minimal in our industry. You are free to leave this website, if you can get the prices cheaper than us.

    Country or Region  Estimated Delivery Time Maximum Delivery Time
    U.S.A. 5-15 Days 12-25 
    Canada 10-20 Days 20-60 Days
    Brazil 12-20 Days 20-60 Days
    UK 12-25 Days 20-60 Days
    Rest of Europe 12-25 Days 20-60 Days
    Middle East 12-25 Days 20-60 Days
    Asia Pacific 12-25 Days 20-60 Days


    Shipping and Extras

    We have a specially designed Express Shipping, applicable on few of our product categories. At present, we are offering Express Shipping on Automatic Skeleton Watches and Fur Coats. We are not charging anything extra for Express Shipping.

    NOTE: Shipping time during Holiday Season (Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc.,) could be longer than the usual time. You may face a delay of 5 – 10 days.

    For Other Countries

    Countries which are not covered in the list above are also not charged for any Extra Fees for Shipping. However, since the product is being imported to your country, you will have to bear all the charges related to Imports, Customs and Duties at the time of Delivery.

    Free Shipping

    Free Shipping includes Fuel Surcharge only. Other charges such as Import Duties, Taxes and Customs are to be borne by the Customer. Customer must pay the liable taxes, which must be calculated on the price mentioned on the Delivered Package and not on the price paid by him/her on our website.

    How we can help you with customs and taxes?

    When we dispatch the product to your address, we make sure that the price printed on the invoice is lower than what you have paid to us. This practice helps our product to easily clear all the customs and taxes. And if in case, it doesn't qualify for free customs, then also the amount you'll be liable to pay is a lot lower.

    Till date, our customers have never complained of any situation where they had to pay an extra amount upon taking the delivery of their product. This is also because, of the weight and price quoted on the product by us.

    For anything else, you are always welcome to contact us at any time.




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