We know that you already are aware of exactly what we do and what we are selling.

But Still we’ll walk you through again.

Store Unisex is an online store for Wooden Watches, Sunglasses, Seasonal Wear and Fur Coats, available for Men and Women.

We are aware that there already are many online marketplaces that are selling these products. But we still believe in making a difference by showcasing only those products that people are buying from around the world.

That said, we hold on to a product only till it’s in demand among our target audiences.

You may notice that all our products, like, wooden watches, sunglasses, seasonal wear and fur coats are a bit cheaper than other online stores. Well, the reason being that we directly procure all our products from the manufacturers who sell these similar products to big companies.

To confirm this, please visit any other online store and compare the prices for your satisfaction.

Not just that, we are providing a guarantee to replace your product in case you receive it in a damaged condition or if the product was not as described. This Replacement Policy is limited to 30 days for all our products.

For Fur Coats and Wooden Automatic Skeleton Watches, the Replacement Policy is for a straight 90 days. We straight away provide a replacement, just always adhere to our Replacement Policy.

Store Unisex provides Free Shipping on all our orders. We are based in United States of America (U.S.), with a strong customer base.

But still majority of our customers are spread all over the world. It’s due to our Free Shipping Policy.

Our Customer Base

In Asia – India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.

In South East Asia- Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Taiwan.

Entire African Region – Over 50+ countries in Africa.

Middle East Countries- Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Armenia.

Entire European Region- Over 45+ Sovereign States.

Because Store Unisex is shipping and delivering worldwide, our store’s currency has been set to US Dollars. We accept over 83 Currencies. You can view our products in your currency, but it will automatically change to US Dollars while checking out. Once you go past the checkout page to make the final payment, you are free to view the prices in your Countries’ Currency and Language.

Can’t see your Country in the list above? It’s also mentioned on our Shipping Policy.


The products that you are seeing at our store are all freshly stocked directly from the manufacturers and are then further sold to Big Companies or you can say Big Brands. These Companies or Brands then, sometimes just add their logo or engrave their logo in it and sometimes do some touch up to give it a new look.

The base product is always the same, which is exactly what we are selling here at Store Unisex.


 How is Store Unisex different from other online stores?

The only factor that makes us different from other online stores is the price at which we are selling.

Just select any product that you like from our Catalog, or choose from the categories given at our Homepage. Search yourself that same product and then compare the prices.

We also provide Free Shipping on all Orders in United States and Worldwide.


Good thing About Us?

You can buy any latest sunglasses at a price which is lower than its market price. On top of that we are not even charging you anything extra for Shipping the sunglasses of your choice at your door step.

We had past cases where Fur Coats and Wooden Skeleton Watches were delivered within 5 days of placing the order.

That’s Good. Right??


Bad thing About Us?

Well, our estimated time of delivery is a bit of a turn off. We deliver your chosen item within 12-25 days.

Hold up. There’s a reason for that.

Because our prices are lowest in the market, we are relying on free shipping channels. These shipping channels guarantees you an on-time delivery.

So, come on. You are getting the same quality product, at a better price. Late Delivery time is worth the wait.

You must go through our Shipping Policy here.


Benefits of being Our Customer?

Regular customers are sent specially created discount coupons, using which they can avail an additional discount on their next order.

You can also ask for discounts by ordering in bulk. Just make sure that you contact us before placing the order.

Visit our Contact Page.

All the COUPON CODES are sent to the E-Mail Address that you provide to us.


Benefits of Signing Up with Us as a customer?

Sign Up with us as a customer, and receive your First Discount COUPON CODE.

Regular Signed Up customers are sent COUPON CODES every month.


An Opportunity for you?


THINK of an IDEA and Start your own business. We are here to help.

Order in bulk, and re-sell it further at higher prices, keeping aside your profit margin.

Avail Additional Discounts on Bulk Orders by Contacting Us.


How you can contact us?

Visit our Contact Page.