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Store Unisex, collection of Wooden Watches for Men and Wood Watches for Ladies available for cheap prices. Almost all the products are on set on sale prices. Here you’ll find watches featuring Ebony, Couples, Mechanical Skeleton, Military, LED, All Black edition, Unisex, Walnut Wood, Leather Strap, Bamboo made, Sandalwood, White Leather band, Blue Leather Band, with Deer Face and in Silicone Band.

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Q. They look cool and are in style right now. Are Wooden Watches waterproof?
Ans. Wooden watches are like any regular watch. They can easily take splash or even can get wet accidentally, but these are not built to get fully submerged into water. Wearing it while swimming is also not advisable. It’s a style statement along a fine piece of art wood finishing.

Q. How to adjust the length of the wooden band/strap?
Ans. The making of a wood watch is like any regular watches. Length of a leather strap can be adjusted via the buckle clasp provided with it. When it comes to adjusting the length of wood strap, they can easily be adjusted by removing the unwanted wooden chain-like parts. The removal process is very much like the process of adjusting a metal/stainless steel watch strap. If you can’t do it yourself, visit a watchmaker.

Q. Where to buy?
Ans. Almost all the retailers purchase these wristwatches online from us or from our suppliers. They then further engrave their own brand logo to make them their own product. After this, other costs related to transportation and taxes are included which makes this product 3 to 4 times higher than the cost price of the actual product. We have eliminated that unnecessary cost and are providing our products along with Free Shipping.

Q. I am from Ireland. Can you deliver it over here?
Ans. Yes, we do. We are shipping all over the world.

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