Wooden Watch for Men

Wood-smoke Wooden Skeleton Watch

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wood-smoke wooden skeleton watch
wood-smoke wooden skeleton watch
black wood watch with automatic movement
store unisex wooden watch with automatic movement
wood-smoke wooden skeleton watch 2
mechanical watch in a secure wooden casing

Wood-smoke Wooden Skeleton Watch with automatic movement, best suitable for Men. This wooden watch from Store Unisex is a pure time piece, not categorized as minimalist design. Handcrafted by Italian designers. Unlike a quartz watch that operates electronically with the help of battery, this beautiful time piece operates automatically.

The entire mechanism of this wooden watch is as such that the gears and the wheel inside the movement of this watch winds automatically, because of the movement it receives from the wearer of the watch. In simple language, the motion created by the body or the wrist by who so ever wears the watch, helps the internal mechanism of the watch to wind up the balance wheel and the other gears in order to ensure that the time is always correct.

This is a complete handmade product, as the name says it, Wood-smoke wooden skeleton watch, you can easily see the bones and nerves of this watch. Skeleton watches have their internal machinery exposed making it tempt to the eyes of the wearer as to keep guessing what magical things keep going inside his watch. The watch is water resistant only up to 1m depth. But still not recommended to be used while swimming. The total weight it bears is around 118 grams. Comes with a Clasp buckle, perfect adjustment purposes. The Bezel is all wood design and the casing is a pure stainless-steel design, making it look authentic from the other watches. The mirror material used can easily bear everyday scratches.

This skeleton watch has a casing which is a dark stainless-steel and the front and back are beautifully exposed. Hands support radium for comfortable night time view. The watch comes with a black leather strap. And the leather used is a genuine leather strap.

This complete wood-smoke wooden skeleton watch comes in secure wooden casing. The external wooden front is a dark walnut wood, which is purely handmade and polished to perfection. The leather straps have a contrasting white stitching, making it look more authentic. So, let this watch talk more than we can write about it. The prices are being kept minimal. You can enjoy Free Shipping on every product of this store. The watch is long lasting and durability is in its name.

Some of the best Store Unisex reviews on this watch: People started ordering this wooden skeleton watch in advance, the moment we first launched it on our store. Other variants are also in the best sellers’ column, like the one in sandal wood, teak wood and bamboo wood. As you can see the pictures, we have attention while taking photos of this watch, to make sure the colors of this watch are shown as real as they are in person. Because of its radium hands, the watch is very useful at night. You will always grab the attention because of its unique design. The number are placed so beautifully that you don’t have to keep gazing at the dial just to get note of time. For those who don’t prefer a black watch face, don’t worry, as there are few more designs that can keep you stick to this store for a little longer.

In the Box

1 X Wood-Smoke Skeleton
1 X Wooden Box Casing

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