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Thunder All Black Skeleton Watch | Wooden

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Thunder all black skeleton watch with wooden finish
all black watch
automatic skeleton watch
black leather strap
watches for men
Watch getting delivered in wooden case from Store Unisex

Thunder All Black Skeleton Watch for Men with black genuine leather straps and wooden frame. A conversation starter and a statement maker is exactly what this watch is and what this watch does. With its interesting design and its decent weight and its solid leather belt, this is for those who expect the unusual. This master piece exhibits its cool opens gears fantastically. The wooden design shouts out loud the innovative mindset that exists in our designer workforce and helping Store Unisex to establish itself as a creative brand with its own uniqueness.

The designer artists from New York, compliments the design of this All black skeleton watch by adding tags such as unique dimensions, audacious style and designs. The skeleton watch is a pure work of an exquisite craftsmanship, and we have once again redefined to what is takes to come at the top, starting from the bottom of the ladder. With its wooden dial face sitting beautifully on a stainless-steel casing, which is matte dipped in grey. And the contrast use on the display with respect to its all black watch design, that depicts from its leather straps. For those who are always curious to see what’s inside of everything, will surely love the watch, as watch is completely based on its name, thunder all black skeleton watch. The skeleton of this wooden automatic watch is exposed for you to see from the front and from the back side of the watch. When we say we have used high quality leather straps, then we are pretty damn serious with what we say, and we mean each of those words. You can’t even see any lint and dirt on the straps.

Time display is being kept simple that makes easy for anyone to read the time, unlike other skeleton watches where you have to keep gazing at, just to get note of what time it is on the watch. Thanks to the makers, that they paid attention to the demands of customers and kept the color tone to its minimal. Today with advancements of technology and higher pay scale, everyone is running for the same expensive stuff, which they also know doesn’t last even for a year. And even if it does last for a year or more, they are pretty much aware of the fact that their product which they bought a year back, is already outdated, and the cost of acquiring a that same new product is almost less than half the price. And now they can’t even sell it to get decent sum of money. Thunder all black skeleton watch with its wooden finishes, on the other hand, is something that you will always cherish. Not just the seller gets a smile with every sale he/she makes but also you when you gift this skeleton watch to yourself. This automatic all black skeleton watch will never go obsolete with time. You will always cherish and appreciate the value of this wood watch even after a year of purchase.

The watch is entirely mechanical and supports automatic winding with a simple shake of your wrist or even a slightest flick or motion by your body. All black edition is limited to its outer looks, the internal skeleton is all gold in color. We at Store Unisex, have made sure that this thunder all black skeleton watch reaches to the hands of as much people as possible, by making sure that its price is affordable. Trust us, you will always be the Alpha in the crowd.

In the Box

1 X Thunder All Black
1 X Wooden Box Casing

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