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Red Sandalwood Wooden Skeleton Face Watch

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red sandalwood wooden skeleton face watch
skeleton face watch
skeleton watch
red sandalwood watch
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Red Sandalwood Wooden Skeleton Face Watch with self-winding movement. This watch is best suitable for Men. Isn’t that interesting, how the mechanism of automatic watches works, especially in the skeleton watches where you get to see the live action, every time you look at your watch. We are proud to announce this skeleton face watch that shows the time in a beautiful way, as it doesn’t operate on batteries. The gears inside keeps rotating depending on the motion it receives from the external environment. This watch runs on mechanical energy, it’s not similar to quartz watch that runs on a battery. The excitement that you get on seeing the live action in the skeleton frame is amazing.

With a simple shake or just a simple motion absorbed this skeleton watch can help to restore energy for the next 36 hours. The best part about these automatic watches is that they never go obsolete. The red sandalwood wooden skeleton face watch has red sandalwood color leather strap, which is made from 100% genuine leather material. The front round face is handcrafted natural red sandalwood, that sits on a hard and strong casing of matte silver stainless-steel. The back side of the watch is a clear transparent glass cover that enables you to look inside the inside. The entire internal of the skeleton watch is in gold color giving it a perfect match with its leather straps.

The watch is awesome in a way that you can feel the movement of the watch. You can never go out of conversation with this time piece because of its unique eye-catching design. The color scheme used on this product including the contrasts, complements the overall design. The strap used is of high quality that gets released quickly and are extremely convenient. It has been rated high for those wish to use it for their daily purposes. The watch hands do glow in the dark, because of the radium used on its hands, making this skeleton face watch extremely useful in low lighting conditions.

Ending reviews, for all those who are bold and modern, and for all those who had a “thing” for going mechanical, this is a perfect product. You have the right to give yourself a present. You don’t have to wait for an occasion, just reward yourself by wearing this on your sleeve. Once you’ll wear it you will get to see its true colors, which will fill your daily based simple chores with enthusiasm and excitement. Add this wooden skeleton face watch to you cart, and enjoy the wait.

In the Box

1 X Red Sandalwood Watch
1 X Wooden Box Casing

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