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Nevada Bamboo Automatic Skeleton Watch

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Nevada Bamboo Automatic skeleton watch
Store Unisex Wooden Skeleton Watches Nevada bamboo
Nevada Green Leather strap
wooden watch exposed skeleton
Stainless-steel casing
watch bamboo case

Nevada Bamboo Automatic Skeleton Watch for Men with Nevada Green Leather straps. We have finally moved forward and are proud to introduce you the newest addition to our family of skeleton watches. For years, we’ve been manufacturing watches and hunting down all the best and the latest designs that can easily cater to the interests of our audience, therefore increasing the cost of production of the chosen watch. One thing we did learn is that our existent customers and our potential customers do need every day wearable and durable watches that are high in quality, superior performance and ensures longevity. At the same time, they also want that same product to be affordable. So, here it is Nevada Bamboo Automatic Skeleton Watch, it best suits all the men.

The Nevada Green Leather straps do gives a view of suede leather, but it really isn’t. It’s a genuine leather strap that are connected using high quality buckle clasps that provides easy fastening. The automatic skeleton watch charges itself by the movement made by your body during your everyday routine. Even a slightest motion or a flick on your wrist can recharge this bamboo watch the next 30 plus hours. The golden rotor and the balanced wheel in gold are exposed fully, giving you an amazing view of the internal machinery. The movement doesn’t need any battery to operate. The movement is housed in a safe matte silver coated stainless-steel casing, that can easily bear everyday wear and tear. This is something you can never get enough of. The whole watch was designed with an objective of providing style and authentic look and feel. there’s nothing like an automatic skeleton watch.

The top face of the watch is a handmade bamboo wood that compliments the light gold internal accent and the Nevada green leather strap. You don’t have to move your hand all day long to charge the internal mechanism of the watch. Like a beating heart needs oxygen, your automatic watch needs some kind of motion to charge itself, but not batteries. The skeleton is fully exposed from the dial from both the sides, front and back. Seeing the action of the machine is something you can’t get enough of.

The hands are equipped with radium, to ensure better visibility at night. Why not gift this to your Dad or your husband or boyfriend or brother, the watch is not too big which adds up to its attractiveness and professional looks. Its eye-catching design makes it look a lot expensive, and even the wooden watch dial is easy to read, unlike other automatic skeleton watches that are not so easy to read.

Here at store unisex, we have taken the images in the studio to make sure that the color of the watch does justice on when you will see it real life.

In the Box

1 X Nevada Bamboo Wood
1 X Wooden Box Casing

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