Wooden Watch for Men

Men’s Bamboo Watch with Deer Face

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Bamboo Watch with Deer Face
miyota quartz movement
all wood chain bracelet
mens wooden watch
Bamboo Wood watch
The price of this watch is under $50.

Bamboo Watch with Deer Face, for Men. Features a fully handcrafted design using real bamboo wood, giving it a wheat brown texture.

The surface is sanded smoothly to provide comfort even after wearing it for long hours. Consists of a handmade wooden chain strap with a stainless-steel buckle that ensures proper opening and closing.

Miyota Quartz movement supported, so your time can never go wrong.

Special Deer engraving inside the wooden dial, giving it an elegant look. This bamboo wood watch is made very well and is always tells you the correct time. Though the overall look of the dial carries a minimalist design, still you can’t call it a simple looking watch. Because it takes the job of some real talented watchmaker to craft such a simple design using a wood. The bamboo wood watch is so natural looking, that you can even figure out the thin tiny lines of fiber, which are smoothed to perfection to make sure that it doesn’t give you a rough feeling when you’ll touch its surface. The back of the bamboo wood watch is can be removed easily without any hassle. You also have the option of getting it engraved. So, decide your personal initials or your personal message and get it done. This option is available for all the watches.

The all wood strap is a chain bracelet design, which is sanded a few times before giving it a final finish. The strap can fit all wrist sizes and can also get adjusted easily.


Band- Pure Bamboo Wood
Band Style- Wooden Bracelet chain
Dial Face- All Wood Face
Clasp Type- Bracelet Clasp
Design- Deer Engraving on the Face
Thickness- 10 mm
Bracelet Width- 20 mm
Bracelet- 25 cm
Wooden Dial- 38 mm

In the Box

1 X Deer Face Bamboo Watch E-04
1 X Wooden Box Casing

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