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Almond Pine Wooden Skeleton Watch | Steampunk

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Almond Pine Wooden Skeleton Watch
Steampunk Skeleton Watch
Automatic Movement with exposed skeleton
Wooden Watch with Pinewood Dial Face
All Wood Watch
Wooden Skeleton Watch in Wooden Box

Steampunk edition Almond Pine Wooden Skeleton Watch with all black color tone and pinewood face. Here we are with another product that can showcase your personality as an individual, we are talking about a watch that supports mechanical movement and is self-winding, that means it’s an automatic watch. Yes, it can do what we just said. All it needs is a little motion or a tiny movement to juice up all its gears for the next 24 hours. It has a glossy blue second hand and radium embossed minute and hour hand to give you the correct time even at night or in the dark. Like we mentioned that this wooden skeleton watch is a complete automatic watch, so that’s why you get to see the mechanics that gets juiced up, and the gears and wheels are all visible completely that runs inside the machinery from the front and back.

We are not complete here, we have added a great leather strap to make it look complete. So, no matter what attire you are wearing on, this all black steampunk edition almond pine wooden skeleton watch goes with every occasion. Be it a formal, casual, party, business meeting, festival occasion, or sports, it can make you stand out of the crowd, every time you wear it. The watch is priced perfectly, just take advantage of it, it’s a perfect skeleton watch for those who admire a skeleton face on a wooden watch dial. Also, a great fit for all wrist sizes. The wooden face dial may look a bit complex to read, but in real it shows the clear view of time. It’s comfortable to wear, so just order this beautiful skeleton watch, and we can guarantee that you won’t stop glaring at it once you’ll receive it.

The buckle is of high quality, making sure that you can quickly fasten or loosen the clasp, comfortably. The entire product is durable. Trust us on this, you will be wearing the most important and interesting skeleton watch, wherever you’ll go or wherever you’ll be at. The entire casing is a solid matte black stainless-steel, as you can see in the images. In this steampunk edition, you’ll notice that on the top of the casing, there’s a wooden frame. Well that frame is a handcrafted work piece, using almond colored pinewood. The almond pinewood was designed, sanded and polished, in our workshop by our personal watchmaker. These are the small details that makes all the products in our store look authentic. With the world running faster and faster, with no time in hand to look back or think or care for something else, this almond pine wooden skeleton watch is something when worn on your wrist will make you really stop for a moment. You won’t stop admiring it.

We have customers that always keeps an eye on a product like this one. And when they are finally ready, they make the purchase and then, enjoy every little detail while unboxing it.

In the Box

1 X Almond Pine Skeleton Watch
1 X Wooden Case

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