Wooden Watch for Men

Store Unisex, collection of Wooden Watches for Men starting from $31. The collection includes Unisex, Automatic Skeleton, Couples/Pair Watches, All Black & Ebony, Military Watch with LED, Sandal Wood, Bamboo Wood, Leather Straps in Brown, Red, Black, Green and Blue and Silicone strap watches. We also have watches with Deer Face engraved on them.

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Leather Strap | Sandalwood | Couples | Bamboo | Unisex


Q. I am from Canada. Do you provide Free Shipping on Men’s Wooden Watch in Canada?
Ans. Yes, we do provide free shipping with no minimum order value required.

Q. Do I have to put the battery once I receive my order? I wanted to use a leather strap that has a Velcro on it. Is it possible to change the leather straps?
Ans. Yes, all the wrist watches are supplied with a fitted brand-new watch cell. Once you receive your watch, it’s all yours. You can do whatever you want to do. Straps can easily be removed on your own or with the help of an expert, like a watchmaker.

Q. I think my wrists are small for these watches. Do you have Men’s watch for small wrist?
Ans. All the watches with leather strap are build while maintaining the industry wise standard size of 25 cm. Which of course can be adjusted according to your wrist size. Whether it’s a large wrist or big wrist, the buckle clasps are provided to make sure that it can be fitted on all wrist sizes.

Q. I was planning to order 2. One for the groomsmen and one for myself. I was really thinking that this Christmas, I will order the Thunder mechanical skeleton, as it can easily match my formal attire at work. The prices are already discounted. Can I get a further discount?
Ans. Yes, just visit our contact page and tell us the watches that you would like to order in a single order. We will try to create the best possible additional discount from our side.