Sunglasses for Face Shape | How-to Measure Guide

Sunglasses for Face Shape

Not everyone can sport all the different style of sunglasses. It’s important for you to know what type of sunglasses fits best on your face. This guide will help you pick the right pair of eye-wear. This post on Sunglasses for Face shape has been divided into 2 parts.

You may remember that saying, “it’s not important what people think how you look, what matters is how comfortable and confident you feel about yourself”. Well, it is true but don’t apply it completely while buying a pair of sunglasses.

Always remember that sunglasses apart from giving your comfort to your eyes, must also enhance your fashion and dressing sense and style. Thereby, enhancing your overall looks. Ask yourself, you have a perfect pair of polarized sunglasses but still it makes your face look fat, or your nose look big, even though it’s not.

So, it’s important for you to realize the shape of your face. Once you know your face type, you’ll always be able to find the right sunglasses and the right kind of haircut that suits you best.

This article is written in two parts. At first, we have discussed various types of face structures and in the second part, you’ll find various ways to measure your face shape.

  • Different types of face shapes
  • Measuring your own face

Different Types of Face Shapes

There are like 6 different recognizable face shapes.

  1. Round
    Round faces are equal in width and height. People also refer to them as circular face. All the curves are eye-catching. The optimal sunglasses must be the one that enhance the sharp features of the round face type, and not make it look fat. The eyewear with jagged lines and the one that can draw attention to your cheekbones and temple.
  2. Oval
    This face type is the best as it can literally rock any types of shades with its evenly curved features. The height of the face is more than the overall width of the face. People with oval face shape should avoid over sized sunglasses. Try to choose a pair that starts from eye brows and goes till the cheekbones only.
  3. Oblong
    If over sized sunglasses are your thing, then oblong face structure is best to rock them. Narrow face shapes are generally called oblong. Small sunglasses will make your face look more longer, as oblong faces look narrower and longer. To add width to this type of face structure, try look for wayfarers or rectangular sunglasses with thick frame designs.
  4. Square
    Equal in length and width, but not round. Their most distinguishing feature is their strong jaw lines and a broad forehead. Curved frame with round lenses looks best on this face type. Best example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, both have square face shape, and both looks awesome in aviators and round sunglasses. Round lenses always help to balance out the rest of the feature of the face.
  5. Diamond
    Width of the cheekbones and forehead are almost the same with a narrow jaw line. You can flaunt your cheeks with rim less and oval shaped sunglasses. Avoid wearing wider frames that can hide your facial features. Example, Halle Berry.
  6. Heart
    This face type is easily recognizable because of it distinctive inverted triangle shaped structure. Heart shaped faces are also called triangle shaped face. The length is more than the width and the width of the jaw line is more than the width of the forehead. Usually, people with this face structure have a flat chin or squared shaped.

Well, these were the 6 different types of face shapes. One more thing to note, people often mistake for overweight people as having a round face just because they have a little bit of extra fat near their neck or mostly because they have double chinned jaw lines.

The truth is, your weight really doesn’t play any role in maintaining your face shape. Now, lets move on to the next part, where you’ll learn to measure your own face at home.

Measuring your own Face

There are basically two methods. First method is by using a measuring tape, which we have discussed below. And the second method involves, creating an outline of your face on the mirror and then just use your own judgement to decide what face type does your face outline drawn on the mirror represents.

First Method, to measure your own face, just take out a measuring tape and follow the below mentioned steps. Do not use a ruler. While taking measurements, make sure that you also note them down on a paper.

  1. Step 1
    Place the starting edge of the measuring tape on your forehead, exactly where your hairline starts and keep going till the edge of your chin. That will give you the length of your face.
  2. Step 2
    To measure the width of your face, start measuring from corner edge just below the end of your eye and right above your cheek bone and keep measuring it across the bridge of the nose and till the other end of another eye. You can start from either side of your face. This will be the width of your face.
  3. Step 3
    Use your fingers and find the widest or outermost part of your jaw line curve, it is usually near your ear lobes or just 1 cm below your ears. Place your measuring point at this starting point, and keep measuring it till the tip of your chin. From there, continue measuring on the other side of your jaw line curve.
    Or, just measure one side of your jaw line curve and multiply the number obtained by two, to get the total length of your jaw line.
  4. Step 4
    Look straight into the mirror, and look for the widest part on your forehead. Now take the measuring tape and place it on that widest part and start running your tape horizontally till you reach the other end of your forehead. This will give you the length of your forehead.

By now you should have the length and width of your entire face and the length of your jaw line and forehead. Use these measurements and try to fit them according to the face types, which we discussed earlier in this blog post.

Use the video below to quickly see what we just asked you to do. This might be more helpful.

Here is a link to a How-To page. This link can help you to appropriately get some accurate facial measurements. You can even use these measurements to determine what hairstyles will suit you best, apart from getting the right pair of sunglasses.

Well, this was our take on sunglasses for face shape.

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