Top 10 List of Best Watch Brands

Top 10 Lists of best watch brands

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I have prepared this blog post for all those who are looking to gain some knowledge with respect to the Best Watch Brands that exist in the market today. You see the heading of this post, Top 10 list of best watch brands in 2017 in USA. Well, yes, this post will cover all the best watch brands but in a different way.

My idea is to prepare a top 10 lists not just for the best watch brands of 2017 but also for the watch brands that are popular and famous in different consumer categories. Like, Best watch brands for men, for women, kids, boys and girls.

And there will be one more topic that I will be covering, that is famous fitness smartwatch brands as this have been in trend since early 2016 and up till now in 2017.

That is what I am going to cover for you in this post.

Trust me, it will not be boring.

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Top 10 Best Watch Brands

And, I have two more, like I said,

Before the lists for the best watch brands starts, I just want you to know that you are free to comment on this blog. If you have any suggestions, you can write at the end of this post, and I’ll make sure that I implement them in the future.

So, here we go.

Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 300 watch brands in the entire world. And for all the fans of Swiss Watches, there are a total of 60 Swiss Watch brands.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Men

Famous Watch Brands For Men

All the best watch brands in this list are being ranked in the alphabetical order, instead of their ranking. So, it doesn’t matter as the all the best men’s brands exist in this list.


This watch brand is from London. Their watch prices start from around $39 and goes somewhere up till $340. Though they are famous in men’s watches, they do also make some beautiful time pieces for Women. You can choose from a variety of options such as having an analog watch or modern designs with leather straps and stainless metal bracelet chains.

Armani Exchange

Every knows the name Armani. Well, this one is the most accessible brand to all. It first started in 1991. The sole purpose was to reach a much wider audience, globally. They are the ones who never compromises on quality and design. They have been placed at the top for men’s collection as well as for the women’s. They have made it to the this list of best watch brands and you can find easily watches for yourself in the price range of $105 to $263.


At third, for the best watch brands we have Diesel,founded in 1978 in Italy, more importantly a clothing brand. They later expanded their interests in clothing accessories and jewelry, and from there they started making watches along with the Fossil brand. Yes, both are in partnership. Talking about the watches, you must have seen some watches with purple or violet tinted crystal on top, that’s diesel. They make some very eye-catching watches. Starts from $75 and the highest being at $425. You can find various styles, they have it all.

Emporio Armani

Another brand from Armani is actually one of the best watch brands. They have been acing the game for decades in the fashion industry. Focuses on ready to wear clothing and fashion shows. They have designed some spectacular analog style watches in leather and metal straps. Lowest being at $131 and highest at $462.


Founded in 1984, also have partnered with some top best watch brands such as Diesel, Armani Exchange, etc. Inspired by American vintage wear, they mainly focus to make you look bold. People will get to know who you are as a personality. From $88 to $210, you have an option to choose from an exciting range of their products.


Started in 1981, as a clothing brand for men and women. Later they started serving to the fashion accessories market of shoes, jewelry, perfumes and watches. They have some elegant metal bands in their watches. They also have their smart watch category, which we will talk about in this post, later. $60 to $2970 is the price range for this watch brand.

Hugo Boss

$75 to $695 is the range among which you can choose your desired watch. This German fashion brand was founded in 1924. The company has an agreement with Movado, a Swiss watchmaker, to produce such beautiful bohemian style watches. All the watches bear their Orange colored Hugo Boss logo. Their watches suit best with casual outfits.

Michael Kors

An American Sportswear fashion designer, who established this brand in 1981. They are most famous for their handbags. They are headquartered in New York. At present, they are on the list of best watch brands and all its watches are top trending, especially the rose gold metal collection in ladies’ watches. Watch prices starts from $137 up till $377.


Was first established in Switzerland, and headquartered in London. This watch brand has been in game of producing some impressionable branded watches, since 1940. They as a standard feature use automatic movement and are all water resistant, and often call that feature as the Dolphin Standard. Price Range, $128 to $809.

Skagen Denmark

A subsidiary of Fossil brand, and is currently headquartered in Texas, Hong Kong and China. If you ever come to see a watch brand that looks simple but cool, then that’s the watch we are talking about here. That is exactly what the aim of its co-founders was, to reflect simplicity in all their products. Their product range starts from $98 and goes as high as $232.

These were the top 10 list of best watch brands that actually made it to most popular watches in the market today. It’s not that these are the only best branded watches that men prefer, but there are some other famous watch brands too that are much more accessible on online watch stores.

So, I’m not going any further details on the rest of the popular branded watches but still mentioning some watch companies that were not in the list above.

  1. Casio
  2. Timex
  3. Invicta
  4. Citizen
  5. Armitron
  6. Movado
  7. Seiko

Yup, these are also some of the popular watch companies.

Next what comes is the list of famous watch companies for ladies.

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Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women

Branded Watches for Women

The list for lady’s best watch brands is not quite different, because the companies that are scoring to remain on top in the game for all the famous watch brands for men, happens to produce watches for women too.

I will now be writing about some popular watch brands for women, but will not repeat the ones that I have already covered in the men’s section.

So, here I go.


CLUSE is the latest watch brand which is ruling the hearts or wrists of women, since its launch in 2013. They are completely dedicated in making watches for the Women only, that too only for the Generation Y. they focus only on creating Minimalist designs in pleasant colors. Some of their famous watch collections are, La Boheme, Minuit, Pavane, La Roche, La Vedette and La Rocha Petite. Their Watch Prices - $50 to $200.


Produces fashion goods for male and female, like Jeans, Underwear, Eyewear, Watches etc.  All their designs are unique from each other, they truly respect creativity and honestly follows it too. As you will surely see in their products. They are one of the best watch brands for women and they have some versatile watches for men and women. It can easily cost you from around $80 to $240, to get one of their branded watches on your wrist.

Marc Jacobs

A brand from an American fashion designer, Marc Jacobs himself. He has been associated with some other labels too, like, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Watches being sold under this name are not entirely liable to credit Marc. They are in partnership with the brand Fossil. Keeping the integrity associated with this label, their watch prices are pretty high. Ranges from $175 to $260.

Olivia Burton

This watch brand is an all pure vintage inspired collection of watches. Their watches feature metal straps and pearl shades. They have whole unique following of their own. Such a huge popularity for this brand comes because of the detail given to each of their product. Simple but still not simple. Watch prices range, $82 to $275.

Vivienne Westwood

A personal brand label, from Vivienne Westwood, an English Fashion Designer and a businesswoman. Produces famous branded watches for men and women in metallic and leather straps. Their famous brand name is enough to sell anything, and the starting prices of this watch brand is from $202. And the price can go as high as $550.

Yeah, these were the five out of the top 10 best watch brands that made it to the Top 10 List. Rest of the remaining top 5 of the best watch brands are the same that were there in the Men’s section too.

Rest of the 5 Best Watch Brands for Women

The Price range for the below mentioned brands are quite different from that in Men’s’, so it’s worth mentioning all the famous branded watch prices.

Armani Exchange - $95 to $230

Emporio Armani - $170 to $340

Fossil - $74 to $190

Guess - $50 to $310

Michael Kors - $108 to $340

So, this was the 2017 list of top 10 best watch brands for women.

Hold on, I have few more names that you must see, since you did care to read up till this far.

  1. Timex
  2. Casio
  3. Armitron
  4. Geneva Platinum
  5. Seiko
  6. Invicta
  7. Brinley Co.
  8. Movado
  9. Elgin
  10. Geneva

These watch brands above are more like the affordable ones, and are also more accessible in terms of their online availability.

So, next part that I will be covering for is the best watch brands for kids.

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Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Kids - Boys and Girls

Even those little wrists need attention. Don’t they. Today, since with such a high competition in the clothing sector for kids, because of its thriving capacity to absorb fashion, how can best watch brands stay behind and leave those little wrists gets unnoticed.

Yes, there are watch brands that are producing watches for kids. I will not list all of them but only the ones that consumers buy the most.

Before I start, let me tell you about the brands that I will be mentioning below is that, they are the result of the data collected using searches made on Google Search Engine, Bing, Amazon, Walmart and E-bay.

So, lets starts.

Think of all the colors that you can right now, yeah, this is how it starts when you are talking about wrist watches for kids. Boys have their own favorite choice of colors and girls have their own.

Also, throw away all the metallic straps and leather straps, because that’s not how kids roll.

At the top, we have Timex.


Blue, green, red, pink, yellow, purple are exactly the colors what Timex is selling for boys and girls. Timex is one of the best watch brands for kids, as they do have some mind pleasing colors for boys and girls. Football, basketball, aquarium, and all is what you get to see on its watch straps. Their watch straps are made from nylon material and their watches provide water resistance to 30m. You can your hand on any of the watches as they range from $14 to $30.


The name is enough when the topic related to kids is being talked about. They too are the top producers of the best watch brands for kids. Think of all the famous cartoon characters that you know. Well, their watches have them too. The watch face or watch dial is printed with a Disney character, along with a silicone strap or a nylon strap. Their watch is a must buy gift for everyone. Their watch prices start from as low as $4 and goes up to $50.


Another brand name from the animation industry, Marvel. Straps made from nylon is their game. Superman, Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Avengers and Ironman is all what you get to see on their watch dials. Watch Price starts from $12 and goes up to $26.

These were the top companies among the best watch brands for kids.

Next comes is the popular smartwatch companies that are trending in 2017.

Top 10 List of Best Fitness Smartwatch Brands

Best Fitness Watch Brands

 Smart Watch.

You have no idea, how patiently I was waiting to reach this part of this post. When I decided to write on this topic of Top 10 list of best watch brands, I didn’t really plan to include fitness smartwatch in this post. It was the idea of segmenting list of best watch brands into gender wise reach, that made me include this topic.

Anyways, you will now get to some of the best watch brand in this category or just say you’ll get to see the best fitness smartwatch brands.

Smartwatch is a smartwatch because it really is a smart watch.

The only thing smarter than us humans is computer, and now you can wear that smart machine on your wrist and carry it around as of it is nothing. The movement used in the watches has completely been replaced by some tiny chips and boards and display and some brain(storage), of course, in the casing that used to house watch movements.

It’s like your smart phone, but still not comparable to the features you get on it. At least, for some time I would say, or some years. You can make or receive a call, listen to music, use navigation, send and receive messages. And yes, you can use it as a watch too. It’s like your personal assistant.

Like your phone has an operating system, that works as the base for the entire watch machinery. Your fitness smartwatch too, has an operating system. Like, Android or iOS.

Moreover, your smartwatch is more of a fitness band. That takes a note of all your daily activities. The calories you have burned during the whole day, while you were wearing it.

Since, I must give you the list on best watch brands for fitness smartwatch, I should tell you now, that I am not going to include Apple Watch in this list.

Apple watch is great. It’s the best. Still, there are other watch brands that are ruling the market for best fitness smartwatch brands.

So, let’s start with our Top 10 List.

At first, we have Casio.


No matter what audience you are thinking of at any point of time, Casio is one of the best watch brands that always makes it to the list. Casio is originally an electronics company. So, I guess you can easily link up its roots with technology. One of its flagship product which is also trending currently is Pro Trek and the watch price is somewhere close to $500.


Next, best fitness smart watch brand is Citizen. Best fitness smartwatch brand, Citizen is a Japanese brand based in Tokyo. Most of its watches support automatic movement, and their flagship product Eco Drive is one of the best-sellers. At present, the model Proximity Eco-Drive is ruling the market. Its costs around $400.


Go by its name, for this smart watch brand. More focused on Fitness activity. Fitness is an American company, founded in 2007. It can count the steps you have walked or climbed, your heart rate, quality of sleep, and some more of your personal health activity. You get the option to pair it up with your smart phone or your computer and sync the data of your activity on it. Their watch prices range from $95 to $220.


Next Best watch brand in smartwatch is Garmin. This watch brand makes watches especially for road runners and triathletes. They use the GPS technology to measure the distance and speed, you heart activity, time, altitude, etc. Their watch prices range from $122 to $405.


Yes, this American clothing brand has made it to the list of Best Watch Brands. Apart from making apparels for Men and Women, they also produce fashion accessories watches, jewelry, perfumes and shoes. Their smart watches do not bear all the features of a smart watch compared to the ones that already are in the market at present. But still, they’ve got it. You can get one for yourself for around $200.  But make sure you do read the technical specifications.


The watch brand runs on android operating system. They entered this category of smart watches in the year 2015. A nice feature of their watches is that it can support voice commands, that really helps you to make or receive a call. The watch prices range from around $300 to $600.


You don’t get to choose from a wide variety of watches for this brand. They only have smart watch that is available online easily and that costs $260. Lacoste is a French clothing company that also sells, footwear and other fashion accessories.


Founded in 1997 in California, Nixon is an American Brand. They make wristwatches, speakers, and apparel too. This watch brand uses watch movements from Japan and Switzerland. They make watches for Men and Women. Their watches are around $400 to $500.


This is the company which was the first to produce a wireless heart rate monitor. This watch company is from Finland. Their watches are fitted with GPS trackers. With so many options to choose from, for selecting a smartwatch, they are still a key player in this industry. You can buy any of their fitness smartwatch for around $110 to $350.


Everyone knows this watch brand. Timex is from Netherlands, and they have a huge range of watches for everyone. Their smart watches feature a regular classic style analog face dial. Even though, their watches don’t feature any digital display, then also their smartness is enough. The watches sport Bluetooth connectivity that lets you pair it up with your smart phone and sync data with it. For around $200 you can get one for yourself.

Top 10 List of  Best Fitness Smartwatch Brands

So, yeah. That’s it for the Top 10 list of best fitness watch brands. You may think that there were brands that shouldn’t have been included in this list of best watch brands. But see guys, the thing is that there are other brands too that are way cheaper than these watch brands, but they are not worth it. Especially if you keep on looking up on to these watches even after buying those cheap ones.

So, yeah that's it for this post. I hope this post will help.


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